Van Lining

Internal and External

Plywood Lining

This is our core business, whether we fit in our workshop, at your premises, or even supply only. Ply lining a vehicle effectively increases its durability, reducing wear and tear, therefore prolonging its useful life and helping to retain the vehicles residual value.


Wisadeck is a plywood panel coated with a phenolic resin coating with a slip resistant pattern. Comes in a dark brown colour and is allot more durable and more water resistant than standard plywood. This makes it perfect for flooring where standard plywood is not enough.

GRP Lining

GRP lining is a glass reinforced plastic which is chemical and waterproof and perfect for vans carrying liquids or chemicals which may need to be washed out. GRP is also extremely durable and can be used for the most intense working environments. This lining can be used on the floor sides and even ceiling to completely seal the van, it comes in a variety colours and difference surfaces from smooth to grit (for non-slip situations). GRP is usually applied on top of a ply lining kit for the best results. Once installed it is extremely hard to remove.

Chequer Plate Lining

The chequer plate lining is made out of sheets of aluminium with the famous chequer pattern. Can be used for various applications such as hard wearing non-slip floors or protecting the vans interiors from damage. Extremely hard wearing and is mainly used for vehicles which are under harsh use. Its easily cleaned and once installed will not need replacing for a very long time.

Line Lite

Line Lite (plastic, durable and easy clean) is used for the side and door panels. This light weight durable plastic protects the side panels from interior damage but is also easy to clean and maintain.