By Rhino Products

From one van to a whole fleet of vehicles we can supply all your van roof rack requirements

By Van Guard

From one van to a whole fleet of vehicles we can supply all your van roof rack requirements

Van Roof Racks by Rhino Products

Rhino Products are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of roof racks, bars and accessories for the commercial vehicle market.

Rhino Delta Bars

Rhino Delta Roof Bars are the most popular commercial roof bar in the UK.

The roof bars have a custom made aerodynamic profile to reduce noise and save fuel compared to conventional square bars.

Rhino Product’s focus has always been on strength, and the delta profile does not compromise in this area, officially rated at 50kg per bar, but the bars exceeded this load by far in development tests.

The bars are made from high tensile steel for strength and versatility. The zinc plating provides protection from the elements and helps the bars give a professional look to any van they are fitted to.

Rhino Kamm Bars

Rhino Kamm Bars
Rhino Kamm Bar

The KammBar® provides a great combination of strength and practicality. Manufactured from anodised aluminium and coated with an anti-corrosive finish that will prevent “rusting and weathering”

KammBars® have been tested to TUV DS Certification and 20g Crash Tested

Rhino Modular Rack

Rhino Kamm Bars
Rhino Kamm Bar

The Modular Rack is a fully welded, heavy duty system that allows quick and easy installation using bolted together modular sections.
The rack includes a full width front aerofoil that significantly reduces overall wind noise and drag as well as a full width roller system that aids loading and unloading.
All racks enable the transportation of 8′ x 4′ boards.

Rhino Aluminium Rack

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Aluminium Rack is made from the combination of Aluminium and advanced polymer based composites, that means it’s built to be tough, and yet is still up to 25% lighter than a steel equivalent.
The sleek and modern design combines strength, aesthetics and aerodynamics to create a rack that truly means business.
Carefully planned and constructed, the Aluminium Rack uses highly robust aluminium material, that’s lightweight, corrosion resistant and durable.

Van Roof Racks by Van Guard

Van Guard are a long established British manufacturer of roof rack products

Van Guard Ulti-Bars

Van Guard Ulti-Bars
  • ULTI Bars are made from anodised aluminium to handle the British wet weather.
  • Plastic components are UV coated to extend the longevity of the product, by preventing fade and deterioration.
  • Aerodynamic design reduces wind noise and gives reasonable fuel efficiency.
  • Flat bar is better for loading.
  • Lightweight and extremely strong.
  • Range of roof accessories which fit the innovative T-track – load stops, eye bolts and beacon brackets – provide the opportunity to secure unusual loads.
  • Designed and made in Britain.

Van Guard Ulti Racks

Rhino Delta Bars
Rhino Kamm Bars
  • Robust aluminium gallery rack that is extremely quick and easy to fit.
  • Innovative Click and Lock design which reduces both the number of fixings and time to fit.
  • Aluminium is lightweight, strong and won’t corrode.
  • Aerodynamic profile minimises wind noise and drag.
  • Maximise your load carrying capacity with versatile 8×4 capacity and ability to carry heavier loads.
  • 37% lighter than competitor racks.
  • Hard wearing durable plastic end cones, connectors and spacers coated with UV protection to resist fade.
  • Full width stainless steel roller at the back for easy loading and unloading.
  • Crash tested to maximum carrying capacity at 20G.
  • Designed and made in Britain.